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Day In The Life of a Sheffield Tree Surgeon
Here Geoff Walsh takes us through a day in the life of a typical ACME Tree Surgery job. We take down five conifer trees, an ash and a hawthorn. Also several major branches from a giant oak that are causing shading problems onto a neighbours garden. Geoff shows us his skills as a fully certified I.S.A. arborist in his Sheffield based business. It's all team work as his four man crew clear up, shred and chop the massive amount of timber and branches to leave a first class clear area for his clients new extension.

Geoff can supply firewood and seasoned logs to customers up to a 20 mile radius of Sheffield City Centre.

If only we could fell a tree so quickly!
This tree was removed in a couple of hours but the clever camera techniques of our customer reduced it into a mere 20 seconds. Many thanks for providing the video.

If you would like a free, no obligation quote then contact Geoff on: 01143 991 733

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